The entire material articles / news ( text , photos, videos , logos ) contained in the entire site  freely used by individuals for purposes of reference and non – commercial .

For anyone who intends to make use of the material in a way reproduce, quote , adapt, reproduce and / or distribute some or all of the contents of such materials , are required to comply with the following provisions :

  1. Utilization of materials for educational purposes , research , non – commercial studies and individual consumption such as mailing lists , blogs and community forums , do not have to get permission from . However , it is advisable to give notice in order to avoid abuse related material .
  2. Use of materials in addition to the above must obtain permission from
  3. Utilization of the material must include at least the words ‘ ‘ as the source.
  4. material utilization that do not heed this warning , shall be subject to prosecution on the grounds of copyright infringement .

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  1. ad Says:

    terimakasih atas dokumennya

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